The summer movie season is over and it was a decent one. We knew going in that we would most likely have mega-hits like The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises but who would of known that we would of had such great movies like Moonrise Kingdom or ParaNorman. So here it is my top 5 for this summer:

5. ParaNorman

While entering the summer we knew that we would have a hopefully triumphant return of Pixar with Brave and what turned out to be a somewhat surprise hit in Madagascar 3 what I didn’t know was how much I would love ParaNorman. This movie is such a fun ride and a great homage to classic monster flicks. The animation is amazing and visually astonishing at times. Each character brings a nice flavor to the movie whether its the geeky, outcast Norman or his goofy friend Neil; you are getting a fun new personality with each person that meshes so well together and makes the central conflict such a joy to watch because you have such different people banding together to fight it. While I did like Brave and Madagascar 3 was better than the second one, this movie blows both away as best animated film. The animation is stunning and I had a lot more fun with it than the other two.

4. The Avengers

 This kicked the summer off with a bang and was a hell of a ride. That being said, while for what it was which was a action/superhero movie it broke ground and was fantastic, it didn’t deserve to be at the very top of this list. I loved the instant chemistry that was interjected into this superhero team-up and Joss Whedon deserves a lot of credit for keeping this from being an absolute disaster. Each of the superheroes are fun to watch and it is a little bit of a geek out moment when you see them all together at the end but the story still is not as in depth or strong as let’s say The Dark Knight Rises and once that was released it was hard to keep The Avengers at the top.

3. Beasts of the Southern Wild

While not many people have seen this movie it is very much worth your attention. Playing both as a disaster movie and a movie on poverty, Beasts is a beautiful representation of humanity. Built off the exceptional performance of Quvenzhane Wallis, the young girl who plays the lead, this film is not only something that moves you visually but also emotionally as you watch the struggle that her and her dad go through as they try and live through the storms of reality and life in poverty. It has one of the best scores I’ve heard so far this year and keeps such a nice pulse to the movie. I can’t wait for additional viewings and I recommend you check it out.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

 Of course this is on the list! The movie that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for finally arrived and while maybe our expectations were above the boundaries of reality, it still was a impressive work of cinema. Chris Nolan came back punching and while it can’t touch the pure awesomeness of The Dark Knight it still gave us an amazing villain in Bane played intensively by Tom Hardy and the sexy love interest of Catwoman played so sensually by Anne Hathaway. While there were a few plot holes, by in large, the film was spectacular and the ending had everyone’s heart pounding. It’s sad to see Nolan leave this franchise but he ended on a high note and I’m excited to see him get back to original work.

1. Moonrise Kingdom

 The moment this movie started I instantly fell in love with it. While I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson’s work, this one is his finest. An ensemble of fantastic actors all working at the top of their game with two great performances from the lead boy and girl, both inexperienced, it gives you that nostalgia of young love mixed with that one of a kind quirkiness of Wes Anderson. The score is beautiful and it flows throughout the movie. The triumph though is in the script which tells the tale of two kids in love and the people who are trying to track them down after they run away from home. Edward Norton and Bruce Willis turn in hilarious performances and Frances McDormand and Bill Murray shine. If you haven’t seen this you are truly missing out on the best work of the summer.

There’s my summer list! I’m very excited for the fall and the host of exceptional films coming out.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies of Summer 2012

  1. Zach, just saw Samsara, and you should definitely check it out.Also, heading to The Master tomorrow for a 70mm screening – I'm so pumped. I presume you're planning to see it?

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