Holy moley it took me forever (pun intended) to get to this review! I kept forgetting! But here it is, the much demanded review (not really) of Celeste & Jesse Forever.

Hey guys guess what? Andy Samberg is a pretty good actor! For example, this movie. Samberg stars alongside Rashida Jones, who was due a good starring role, as Jesse and Celeste. The pair are longtime friends who ended up getting married but are recently working towards a divorce when the movie opens.

What works so well is the chemistry between these two actors who are adorable to watch work together. Too bad we get that taken away pretty early. While that doesn’t ruin the movie, it loses that love connection that for me was one of the reasons I was interested in the movie. That being said, Jones and Samberg star and show that they are true actors.

First let’s look at Jones who has been great as a supporting player in comedies like I Love You, Man and in television in The Office and Parks and Recreation. She has a very loveable quality to her and I was glad to see her stretch out a little in this comedy and rather than being that pretty secondary character that she does so well, blossom into the lead and run with it. Her character, Celeste, while very flawed, was still very likeable and Jones carried that essence over from her supporting roles. She also attacked the flaws and issues that her character that tore down that loveableness that made her so great.

Samberg broke out of his typical goofball persona and played a true character as Jesse. He probably took the biggest challenge as a character in the movie and he played it very well and showed that he is more than just an idiot in That’s My Boy. I like Andy Samberg a lot and hope he challenges himself with these types of roles more often.

The problems I had with this movies was when it struggled to establish a tone for itself. It wanted to come off as an offbeat and quirky rom-com but also wanted to deal with the drama and while that is all fine and good you want to keep us in love with the characters and the script kept us at times from rooting for Jones’ character who fell apart when losing her best friend and husband. While she had a change, it wasn’t portrayed as well as it could of been handled and dragged the movie a little. It also was shot in a glossy kind of look at some points and made it come across as a Covergirl commercial rather than a movie.

All in all, Celeste & Jesse Forever was a solid romantic comedy that tried to twist the formula and succeeded somewhat in that goal. The leads broke their molds and did well with their characters and the supporting cast and soundtrack was fun. I recommend it especially if you enjoy these types of rom-coms.


One thought on “Review: Celeste & Jesse Forever

  1. Great review Zach. This film really took me by surprise by how emotionally realistic it felt. Jones and Samberg are both amazing in these roles and I hope that it makes Jones the big star she should have been awhile back. Quality rom-com that should be seen by all people struggling a bit with love.

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