With Disney’s purchase of LucasFilms which led to the announcement of a new trilogy of Star Wars films, much speculation has taken place to who would head the movies. George Lucas will not direct but stay on in a consultant role and Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) was brought in to write the script. The director’s chair still lays empty and I have three names I would love to see given the shot to at least take on one of the movies.

Brad Bird
The first name to me would have to be Brad Bird (The Incredibles). He is already with Disney through Pixar. He has a string of successful hits both with the company (The Incredibles and Ratatouille) and in live action (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). While I wasn’t a big fan of Ghost Protocol, it wasn’t the fault of Bird who did a great job of directing and gave us some very fun action scenes but plot holes and a weak villain ended up canning that movie. He knows how to tell stories and I feel like could do more with his second attempt in live action. Star Wars is a movie that is clamoring for some type of story and I know the fans would love to have someone like Bird behind the camera who would take it seriously and do an excellent job.

Duncan Jones
While his name has not been mentioned in the rumors so far, I would love to see Duncan Jones take on Star Wars. So far his resume only features Moon and Source Code but he has done an exceptional job in both of those projects. He is currently working on the untitled Ian Fleming biopic which goes into the life of the author of James Bond but nothing concrete has been seen about that outside of him being attached to it to direct. While he may currently be focused on that, a guy like Jones, who gave us one of the most original and lovely sci-fi pictures, Moon, a few years back would be able to do wonders with the budget that Star Wars would get him. It is proven that once he gets a decent budget he can still give top quality story and action, see Source Code. While it definetly is a long shot, It would be nice to see Disney give a director like Jones a chance to become a household name.

Rian Johnson
This one is just as out of left field as the Duncan Jones choice. Rian Johnson, while being a somewhat established director with hits such as The Brothers Bloom and Looper, is still not a very well known director. I put him on my Star Wars list mainly for this work in Looper with sci-fi and the fact that each one of his movies he does a great job of telling and conveying story and is an excellent director of action with a blend of comedy. I just imagine how great a Star Wars movie would be with Johnson as director because he could carry that lighthearted entertainment that made the original Star Wars so great. In his directorial work, he knows how to give you some very fun action while blending it with great and fun characters that move the story along but make you love them as well. I cite his character in Looper played by Joesph Gordon-Levitt. His character, Joe, was a character that was very likeable mainly due to the acting choice but also because you cared about him and you cared for his goals. While much of that was due to the writing, I feel like the screenwriter Arndt could give Johnson those types of characters for us to root for and become new Star Wars classic characters.
This movie is going to have much debate around it but one of the most important decisions will be the director. I hope Disney will make a good choice and I would love to see one of these guys doing the job. As a Star Wars fan, all I ask is for a trilogy full of great characters, fun action, and a story that both entertains me but gets me thinking. It doesn’t have to be as deep as a Nolan Batman movie but it shouldn’t be so complexly written like the prequels. Star Wars, in the end, is pure entertainment and I hope that that is the direction Disney is going with it.

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