Director Ang Lee takes on 3D in this beautiful adaptation of the popular best selling novel. My review of Life of Pi.

Much like Cloud Atlas and the term “ambitious,” Life of Pi is married to the term “experience.” Not only does this film contain a marvelous story but it also is a visual masterpiece and a true cinematic experience. I’m beginning to love these types of films that I feel are becoming their own sub genre. (I just may write an opinion piece on that!)

What was so spectacular about this film was that while it lacked a true defining performance because while the lead, young Pi (played by newcomer Suraj Sharma), did a stand-out job it wasn’t something that moved the film. The star really of this film is the relationship between Pi and the bengal tiger that is shipwrecked with him for the larger part of the film. The tiger was much more than just a companion on the small boat with Pi but became a symbol to him, as he mentions during the film, of alertness and survival that kept him alive but also taught him about himself.

Director Ang Lee chose to show off at some points when it came to the shots he chose and the 3D technology that was integrated with it. There were many instances when Pi was stranded out at sea where the 3D technology was used so well with the shots Lee used. For example, at one point there are thousands of jellyfish under the boat and a whale comes up out of the water. This scene is truly a spectacle and has you with your jaw open the entire time.

Outside of the spectacular visuals, the story is great and keeps you entertained the entire time. Pi is a very likeable and relateable character and I found both his young version that was stuck in the boat and his older version who was telling the story to be great characters and ones that keep you interested in their outcome. The supporting cast is good but with no real characters sticking out.

Life of Pi is an engaging and great cinematic experience. The story is very interesting and one that keeps you attached to the plot and fate of the characters the entire time. The visuals are the true stars of the film and are truly some of the best in most recent years. The whole film is really an experience and one that I highly recommend going to see in theaters and in 3D.


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