Sorry for having now by the last minute but have had a busy week. I did want to leave you though with my Oscar picks in the more important categories where I feel informed to give you an opinion. Make sure to follow my Twitter tonight for live-tweeting.

Original Screenplay

Should win: Django Unchained

Will win: Zero Dark Thirty

Adapted Screenplay

Should win: Argo

Will win: Argo

Best Animated Feature

Should win: ParaNorman

Will win: Brave

Best Original Score

Should win: Skyfall

Will win: Life of Pi

More on this category on my article for the LAMB here


Should win: Skyfall

Will win: Life of Pi

Best Film Editing

Should win: Argo

Will win: Argo

(I was surprised by Silver Linings’ great editing though, possible upset)

Best Supporting Actress

Just give it to Anne Hathaway. Best part of Les Miserables.

Best Supporting Actor

Should win: Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained

Will win: Christoph Waltz

(Look out for Tommy Lee Jones and Robert DeNiro though)

Best Actress

Should win: Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty

Will win: Emmanulle Riva for Amour

(Upset. I think the Academy pulls this one out if not look at Jenn Lawrence)

Best Actor

Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

(No contest)

Best Director

Should win: Ang Lee or David O. Russell

Will win: Ang Lee

(Don’t ask why but I feel Lee here. This is going to be a tense category tonight outside of Best Picture and I am excited to see the outcome)

Best Picture

Should win: Argo

Will win: Argo

If all the stars align for Ben Affleck’s thriller I truly believe it can win without the Director nomination. Lincoln will need some firepower to climb in after striking out a lot in other award shows and Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook could come and upset but will need some help with many smaller awards. Look for this award to be a crazy outcome. I am excited.

Hope you enjoy the show tonight. Comment below for discussion and follow me on Twitter.


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