Iron Man 3 kicks off the summer blockbuster season with an action packed, humor filled summer flick that you would expect. Too bad the faults outweigh the positives.

Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man to fight the international terrorist, the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), and deal with the constant pressures from scientists Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen (Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall). The plot is interesting. It puts superheroes in a very real situation as Iron Man deals with a terrorist that mimics the likes of Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.

Director Shane Black shot the movie’s action well and delivered yet another Marvel movie that entertains the eye and gives the audience all the superhero action that they could ask for. But what made The Avengers or Iron Man different from Thor or Captain America was its creation and development of characters.

It isn’t something that is required to make the movie a hit. Clearly, it isn’t. But when given a character like Tony Stark who could be tested in some many ways, Iron Man 3 left me unsatisfied with the path that Black took Stark to.

In Iron Man, Stark was a playboy who had his life taken away from him only to escape and make him realize how precious it was. While he kind of lost that lesson throughout Iron Man 2, he seemed to re-grasp that struggle thanks in part to the events of The Avengers. Instead, we are introduced to the problems Tony is dealing with and diffuse every situation with humor or action and never really solve any problem that were initially brought up.

Outside of that, Kingsley’s turn as the Mandarin was disappointing (I’ll try not and spoil). Instead of coming up with one of the best Marvel villains, the movie took a poorly executed twist and left me annoyed with the entire situation. Pearce and Hall were bland and transparent characters that seemed more like they were just having fun in a superhero movie rather than giving us any likeability or ability at that.

Iron Man 3 was not as much a flop as the previous one thanks to some well shot action and at times very funny dialogue. But it still fell apart in the script and presented a very poorly written and executed twist that almost ruined the entire movie. It is still a solid blockbuster but one that will be nowhere near the best.


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