Giant robots and aliens are fighting in the Pacific after a giant rift opens which is a portal to an alien planet. That may sound absolutely absurd and a stupid idea for a movie for some but when executed well like it was in Pacific Rim, it is one of the most fun movies you will see this summer.

Pacific Rim follows a group of trained soldiers led by Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) who fight in giant robots, called jaegers, against an alien invasion of giant creatures, known as kaiju, who are threatening the earth after a rift has opened giving them a portal into our world.

Director Guillermo Del Toro has created a world unlike many others that we have seen in a summer blockbuster this year. His attention to detail is insane as he plays the part of a master crafter getting to make each and every decision on what each thing will be called and why it is doing what it is doing. In that sense, it is a masterpiece as Del Toro has created a vastly unique world that has broken ground for a whole new lore that could be built upon if a sequel is coming.

Knowledge of the story really isn’t needed because while it was a well-told story and had fun characters, some of them felt under-developed and not nearly on the level of some of the greater players involved. For example, Raleigh felt like someone who could of been very interesting. His beginning opened the door for some development that could of created an interesting person, instead we are left with a shell of a character and someone who is just there to lead the charge with really no emotional attachment to him.

That was not the case for Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) who was easily the best character in the movie. He was strong, had a conviction, and was someone you could root for. Elba played the part well and while gave off a lot of that military strength persona was still someone you knew was deeper than the suit he was in. Charlie Day as Dr. Newt Geiszler was also a fun character as he added in great comic relief as you would expect from Day but also was one of the better constructed characters in the movie. He was in love with the kaiju and what made them tick and was someone you rooted for with the sacrifices he gave to learn more and educate us on the species.

But what really wins you over in this movie is the action. The fighting scenes are insane and have you cheering throughout. Thanks to the score by Game of Thrones alum Ramin Djwadi which gives us a pounding background to the fights, the action leaves the greatest impression on you. Robots falling left and right and slicing up aliens is something that will keep you coming back to revisit this movie multiple times. Del Toro does a great job shooting this action in scale so that you can capture the full ambiance of the battle. The action moves from close quarter to large scale well and you feel satisfied with the amount you are seeing and never gipped.

As I stated before, the biggest problem I had with the movie is the emptiness of some of the characters but that doesn’t outweigh how much fun the movie was. Del Toro gave us one of the most fun experiences you will have at the movies this year and one that I will be sure to revisit sometime soon. Pacific Rim is absolute fun and worth going to see in theater on the biggest screen you can.


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