George Clooney and Jean Dujardin on the set of The Monuments Men

Every Oscar season has its degree of crazy that keeps film fans on the feet with tossing and turning of nominees and favorites. But this year is poised for a crazy one as many films have the makings to be a major player for the major awards, so much that some films are leaving the field and being pushed til next year. While that kills me to see some movies that I was excited to see have their wait extended, it also pushes forward the notion that this year could be one of the closest and better races in awhile.

One of the favorites that has completed altered the race is the loss of George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, which was one of the odd on favorites for not only Best Picture but looked to grab multiple nominations in categories like Director, Actor, and supporting roles. While it wasn’t a sure-fire favorite to win the whole thing overall, The Monuments Men was a clear cut top 5 favorite and was being considered with the likes of Gravity12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, and others.

This move helps each of those films but I feel like it helped one especially, Scorsese’ s The Wolf of Wall Street. While it doesn’t hurt the films I mentioned earlier, those are still favorites that will gain a little more momentum thanks to the loss of Men from this race. But Wolf gains the most because it right now is struggling. The picture was hurting to make 2013 after Scorsese brought the studio a close to 3 hour cut of the film earlier this year. Now trimmed down to around 185 minutes, the film looks to make a release on Christmas Day besides other Oscar hopeful American Hustle.

Leonardo DiCaprio spearheads Scorsese’s latest effort, The Wolf of Wall Street

Not that Martin Scorsese ever needs help garnering interest in a film but in this case, trying to make this a favorite for the Best Picture race. The dark comedy looks like it will be able to make a commercial appeal but may lack in the critical appeal up against the likes of Gravity, Slave, Phillips, and Hustle. That being said, I think it booms. DiCaprio looks like he can garner another nomination with his lead role. But judging from the last trailer, I feel like Jonah Hill could once again be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Hill is bringing charisma and a hilarious character to the film that is sure to work off of DiCaprio’s craziness well.

Other than Wolf, I see American Hustle benefitting from the loss of Men. Hustle boasts a similar big name cast to Monuments Men and could maybe just into a few of those vacated spots. Names such as Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner will probably bank off of the loss of Matt Damon and John Goodman from the supporting race and it doesn’t hurt Christian Bale in either this or Out of the Furnace to lose George Clooney in the lead actor race. David O. Russell looks to be another player for Best Director but that seems to be a tough grab with a slew of great names making up the field so far.

The Oscars are still a long way away but it isn’t too early to speculate. Only time will tell but I feel like these two films could greatly benefit from the vacated Monuments Men spot.


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