010913_OscarsLogoABCThe nominations for this year’s Oscars have come out and while every year has its share of snubs and surprises, I wanted to go through the big categories and lay down some of my thoughts here instead of flooding Twitter.

Full list (courtesy of LA Times)

Best Picture

I’m glad to see films like Dallas Buyers Club, Philomena, and Wolf of Wall Street get in and films like Saving Mr. Banks left out. They are more deserving and just all around better films (even though I haven’t seen Philomena). Right now just looking at the field, American Hustle is most likely the favorite going in but it isn’t crazily above the others. There is still hope for 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, and others based on the amount of nominations that they have left. While I liked American Hustle, it should not by any means be awarded Best Picture of the year because while it was entertaining and had a fantastic cast, was not nearly on the same level as some of the other nominations and some left out (i.e. Inside Llewyn Davis). I’m hoping for something other than that but only time will tell if I get my wish.

Best Director

Great field, can’t complain much here. Good to see a legend like Scorsese get recognized for a film that the Academy seemed to really like (at least more than I expected). I would say it continues to be a two-horse race between McQueen and Cuaron with the latter leading but with all the nominations for American Hustle, it wouldn’t surprise me if Russell asserted himself with a few acting wins and a screenplay win during the ceremony.

Best Actor

I like all the picks except for Bale. He isn’t anywhere near bad in this film but I would love for someone to explain to me how he is any better than Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis or Joaquin Phoenix in Her. No way. This goes down as Academy love for his movie but it is sad to see him here when others (Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips) are left out and with better performances. If I had to pick right now, I’m going with Ejiofor though for the win.

Best Actress

Solid listing. Blanchett will take it unless Bullock makes a late push. Good for Amy Adams but she shouldn’t be anywhere near a win with those two also in the category.

Best Supporting Actor

It is cool to see Barkhad Abdi with a nomination since he has never acted before and really stole the show at times in Captain Phillips. I like the rest of the nominations but am a little bummed that Will Forte didn’t get recognized for Nebraska where he really displayed a lot of talent. I think this is Leto’s to lose though.

Best Supporting Actress

I’m really happy to see Sally Hawkins nominated for Blue Jasmine because she was brutally underrated in that film. Right now I’m going with Lawrence or Nyong’o with Lawrence coming out ahead because of the Hustle love.

Animated Feature

I’m always going to pull for a Miyazaki film to win, especially with it being his last. The only nomination I don’t understand is The Croods over Monsters University, which wasn’t a great Pixar film but was better than the former. Look for a win for either Frozen or The Wind Rises.


Pumped to see Roger Deakins recognized for his work on Prisoners, which was a highlight of the film. I would say that Gravity leads the pack right now but am happy to see Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska also nominated and getting recognition for two beautifully shot films. Also, how do you not nominated Sean Bobbit for either Place Beyond the Pines or 12 Years a Slave? Criminal.

Original Score

Right now my favorite is Steven Price’s score from Gravity. I loved Newman’s Saving Mr. Banks score also (best part of the whole film) but was ecstatic to see Her’s score getting nominated. That film’s music is a crucial part and it is fantastic to see it get recognized for that. I’d love to see that upset everything.

Adapted Screenplay

While I will praise Before Midnight all day long, it probably does not have a shot but at least it was nominated for something. If I had to put my money on a film, it would be 12 Years a Slave with Wolf of Wall Street as a close number two.

Original Screenplay

I dare you to give it to anything but Her. But watch American Hustle win and see my dismay.


One thought on “Oscars 2014: Thoughts on Nominations

  1. Would love to see Bruce Dern win. Im annoyed that Lawrence got nominated as her role was not that great. Meryl Streep getting nominated for the sake of being nominated means that other actress cant get recognized. She has already won so many times and unless she will win the Oscar there is no point nominating her. Would love to see Michael Fassbender win too. Leto just lost weight and crossed dressed he is not an actor by trade.

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