I must say it has taken me awhile to get up to writing this, not because I dread it but because I want to make sure I have totally taken in this movie and seen it from every angle. Inception is a very different summer movie…it makes you think ALOT. I have been following reviews on Rotten Tomatoes that has taken the movie down to 83%. The critics make valid points but they always seem to hit one point; the movie is too smart. Well why don’t you try to understand it! Inception is the act of implanting an idea into one’s head that will change the course of their life. Christopher Nolan creates a new vast world that has people stealing from other’s dreams. Yes it is a very complex concept but what the movie does well, it explains everything to you without dragging or killing everything. Inception just immerses you into this universe and takes you on a ride that will keep you talking for hours to days after. Leonardo DiCaprio leads the cast and brings in another stellar performance as Cobb, who is an expert dream extractor. But personally the performance by Joesph Gordon-Levitt as his assistant I guess, Arthur, was my favorite of the movie. Ellen Page does very well and I loved her chemistry with Leo. Pretty much the entire cast comes up 110% and wows you at every second. The cinematography of this film was awe-inspiring as well and should be considered for an Oscar. But the main things I took out of this film was the fact that it made you think and unravel Nolan’s crazy puzzle and come out on the other end just amazed and wanting more. It is my dream to make movies and after viewing this I thought to myself if I could just make movies that make me feel like this then I’d feel successful. Inception is easily one of, if not the best movie of the summer as well as the year so far and should be seen by everyone. Just remember to come in ready to solve a puzzle!


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